Weight above 100kgs won’t be allowed on plane: Official

14 Juli 2013

DOHA: Passengers travelling overseas will not be allowed to carry anything plus the weight of the passenger more than 100kg, a senior security official at the Doha International Airport has said. The weight of a passengers should not exceed 80kg and similarly the weight of hand baggage should not be more than seven kg, according to Colonel Isa Al Rumaihi. He told Asshurta (Police) magazine that passengers carrying liquid or jelly in a handbag must make sure that the capacity of the cans is not more than 100ml. These items must be kept in a transparent polythene bag whose length should not exceed 20cm. Any suspect baggage seen at the airport will be immediately taken to the inspection point for checks, said the official. “We will allow only 20 seconds for its owner to take it back after we have sighted such a bag,” said Al Rumaihi who is assistant director of Airport Security. Highly advanced security equipment have been installed at the Doha International Airport and personnel are being trained to operate these machines, said Colonel Abdullah Al Kubaisi. These equipment are best suited to detecting baggage and items therein that pose security threat. Passengers whose baggage is lost will be duly compensated but if there are valuable metals in the baggage fair valuations will be done and the passenger will then be compensated. This was disclosed by Captain Abdullah Abdul Hadi.
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